H e r i t a g e : Netherlands

U p b r i n g i n g : Michigan

E d u c a t i o n : California

R e s u m e : Art. Aviation. Sailing.

P a s s i o n : Go everywhere. See everything. Meet everyone.

M i s s i o n : To remember and be remembered.

The reason I am a photographer is  s i m p l e,  really // It's language. It's art. It's paying attention. It's personal. It's slowing down. It's time stopping. It's milestones. It's mistakes. It's recollection. It's nostalgia. It's celebration. It's gift giving. It's traveling. It's strangers. It's friends. It's emotional. It's humorous. When you break it down it is, quite c o m p l e x .

"The hardest thing in the world is to simplify your life. It's so easy to make complex"

-Yvon Chouinard

My camera, my husband and I, live an unconventional life. We do a lot of traveling together. Sometimes we live and work in our little northern Michigan treehouse. Sometimes we live and sail aboard a 37' boat on the sea. My entire life I've dreamed of being able to be in two places at once. It's a work in progress... "being in two places at once"... but I think I'm getting as close as humanly possible. I shoot single-handed more often than not, to further progress this super-power.

 It is portrait photography in which I am motivated. I love people, and the relationships I have with them fiercely. These days go by damn fast. If you're anything like me - a retrospect gal, looking back is just as important as looking ahead.

Whatever your reason is. I believe it’s important.

TRAVEL DATES // 2019 Catch me while I'm near you.

When I am not in one of the following locations, it is safe to assume I am in northern Michigan.

MARCH 21-30 | E N G L A N D APRIL 2 - 10 | S T. T H O M A S USVI APRIL 15-30 | B A H A M A S MAY 23-28 | P A L M S P R I N G S , C A J U L Y 3-8 | M T. H O O D, O R. J U L Y 12-15 | NYC

 Traveling slow brings with it creativity, introspection, and perspective. When I am not documenting others lives, I am sharing the joys, miseries, and comedies of living aboard. Recently having sailed double-handed from Michigan to England, and back again, I am not only convinced, but relentlessly certain, that the greatest means of travel is via sailboat. 

Sailing across the Atlantic...

A visual journal . Travels aboard S/V Desiree. The Atlantic Ocean circuit.


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